By: Steven hu | July 17, 2018

To dear clients and users, there are some fake products on the market already including Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Alibaba from Pow*r and Y-sol*r.

1. All products on are counterfeit except MakeSkyBlue .

2. All products on are counterfeit except the store powerrme,makeskyblue,makeskyblue_usa.

3. All products on are counterfeit except the shop MakeSkyBlue Inc.

4. All products on are counterfeit.

Please return it when you get a fake product and when you report it to us [email protected], we'll give you best price and reward.

How to distinguish the MakeSkyBlue product and counterfeit? Please click here.

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Mark Gurney

Posted on : February 28, 2019

I brought genuine inverters from Makeskyblue, they shipped a known defect. TECH DEPT asked me to make modification and didn't work. They won't honour their product.<br/>Zhang Na of tech dept has no customer service.


Posted on : December 19, 2018

yoosmart2009. is this a counterfeit seller? True, it&#39;s fake.

Eduardo Aquino

Posted on : September 24, 2018

Hello everyone, I&#39;m from Brazil and I have a partnership with Panda
Solar Solar that buys the controllers directly from you here at
makeSkyBlue, and it&#39;s an official store here in Brazil.<br />
<br />
To help their customers identify as well as others over the internet,
I&#39;ve made a video demonstrating in detail.<br />
<br />
Follow Link:<br />
<br />
Regards,<br />
Eduardo Aquino


Posted on : September 24, 2018

How do I work on new things such as <a href=""></a>
? I need to know because there are so many problems with it that I
can&#39;t deal anymore.<br />


Posted on : August 16, 2018

The fake products are still being broadcasted to the people working on
href="">essayvikings legit</a>
and I think that we can&#39;t do anything about it. It will keep going
forever and it will never stop for once even.<br />


Posted on : August 16, 2018

I bought a controller from Amazon shop PowMr, and it&#39;s also a fake

Patrick Yeck

Posted on : August 06, 2018

I bought an MPPT Charge Controller, Model MPPT-60A on ebay from Ebay
seller- yoosmart2009. I thought it was Manufactured by MakeSkyBlue and I
noticed that the unit had no Serial/Model Number label or any
MakeSkyBlue logo on the control pad. I removed the cover to search for a
Logo or any other correct markings and did NOT find any. Is this unit
counteit and is this eBay Seller a fraud?

Joseph Conarkov

Posted on : August 05, 2018

i found an mppt controller on ebay that has product photo WITHOUT the
makeskyblue logo... listed by a top Ebay seller; yoosmart2009. is this
a counterfeit seller?

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